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Fundamentals of Project Management is a free course offered by Edraak that explains the concept of project management and turning ideas into reality. In the context of our accelerated life day after day, have you ever seriously thought of doing a specific project? Have you ever dreamed of developing an electronic system or an engineering system, for example, or developing an application that provides a service, or creating an engineering building or making a device that meets the needs of a specific group of people?

No matter how different your project idea is, you have certainly thought about this for a long time to discover before you take any step that it takes to understand the basics of project management first, and acquire some skills that will help you move forward with your own project within the framework of the project management steps clearly in order to be able to achieve it on The ground with tangible results hence the importance of project management.

To form a clear perception of the concept of project management, we can define it to you as your organized effort that you direct in a specific direction to achieve your project and touch its results within the stages of project management and a system that you plan and carefully manage all its resources at a specific time and place to reach your specific goals as well, and the picture will become clearer to you After you finished the project management basics course.

You will learn in this course

  • The concept of project management and the importance of project management.
  • Fundamentals of Small Business Management.
  • Identify the five stages of project management (initiation, planning, implementation, control and termination).
  • How to create a project charter document and project scope document.
  • How to create a WBS.
  • How to build the schedule and resources for the project.
  • Knowing and identifying the critical path of the project.
  • Introducing the concept of quality to the project.
  • The importance of communication during all project phases.
  • Understand the expected risks of the project and how to deal with them properly.
  • Understand project procurement management.
  • The importance of monitoring, controlling and monitoring project progress.
  • How to close the project.


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