Excel Course Explaining In Arabic (Free)

A free course with an accredited certificate on learning the Excel program provided by Maaref educational platform.

What is Excel:

spreadsheet program (in which data is organized into columns and rows) designed and prepared and data analysis (and designed mainly for accounting and financial purposes) to replace the calculator, scheduled accounting book pages (for example, ledger or journal), calculator, eraser and pens, all in a way that facilitates Dealing with numbers, equations and texts while enabling the user to present his work in a coordinated and elaborate manner.

We usually get the Excel system as part of the office system produced by Microsoft. The office system includes a group of programs, including Word and PowerPoint, and it works under the windows system. You can use Excel to do business Simple accounting such as recording the daily purchases of the house or creating a complex budget (either in terms of its size or the formulas used in it) for the company you work for.

Course contents

The course consists of 39 episodes in which the following is explained:

  • 1 // First look at the program and download it
  • 2 // Writing and arranging the table
  • 3 // Use the first operations for addition
  • 4 // Use smart division and division
  • 5 // Calculate the rate and complement of the combination with research methods
  • 6 // Arrangement in detail
  • 7 // Automatic enumeration with the help of excel
  • 8 // Determine the largest and the smallest
  • 9 // Use the if condition tool and some buttons
  • 10 // Use the if condition tool with or and and in detail
  • 11 // Use the if condition tool with more than one if inside
  • 12 // Use combination tools
  • 13 // Use enumeration tools
  • 14 // Connecting cells to sites and elephants
  • 15 // How to create a place to search in the table
  • 16 // How to make a graph to show the information of a given table
  • A question from Muhammad’s follower, about something in Excel 2016 !! Example 
  • 17 // How to link cells to a list with a single cell
  • 18 // sequel to episode 17 
  • 19 // How to limit the entry of information or history
  • 20 // How to make an entry of the days of the week without a specific day
  • 21 // The use of addition operations in a more detailed manner
  • 22 // Countıf functıon
  • 23 // Define the entry on letters or numbers or together
  • 24 // More detail to link more than one list from different destinations
  • 25 // A breakdown of the date and time in general
  • 26 // Use the datedif
  • 27 // Use multiple tools
  • 28 // Use multiple word tools
  • 29 // Using the trim tool and merging it with another
  • 30 // Find the number of similar words in a given cell
  • 31 // Lower and upper case letters using different tools
  • 32 // A column list of names converted into several columns
  • 33 // Compare values ​​between cells
  • 34 // find & search and the difference between them
  • 35 // replace & substitute and the difference between them
  • 36 // Three tools for numbers and rounding them to largest or smallest
  • 37 // Tools for modified, larger and smaller numbers
  • 38 // Use the MAX tool in more detail
  • 39 // The rand and rank tools and their usefulness

Excel goals

  1. Represent any of the data in charts or graphs.
  2. Representing any of the numbers in charts or graphs.
  3. Placing tables in the form of their own database.
  4. Easily apply equations to spreadsheets.

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