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About the course:

Digital marketing has become something vital to anyone in the accelerated digital age we live in, marketing methods have changed and developed in an unprecedented manner, and e-marketing channels have developed in a way did that not exist before, with the existence of many platforms used by billions of people, access to them is clearer and easier than before.

Yes, that sounds like a general word, but if we want to get into digital marketing or e-marketing, we’ll find that Facebook or Twitter platforms have millions and tens of millions of people in the countries where we want to promote our products. By using the best e-marketing methods, we can deliver the right product, to the right customer, at the perfect timing, and that’s the essence of digital marketing.

In this free digital marketing course, we will learn the concepts of digital marketing and how to make the best of the marketing world and advertising with the large number of digital platforms that made it possible to advertise and reach those we want easily.

We will begin by explaining key concepts of e-marketing, how it changed the face of advertising in the world, how these free websites work and win. We will also talk about how to use e-marketing methods to achieve individual and company income.

After that, we’ll get to know more about Twitter and Instagram ads and how we can create advertising accounts and then start our marketing campaigns there.

No one who works with digital marketing can launch their ads and leave them unchecked or modified, so we’ll learn the best ways to track and measure the ads we do on all platforms

We will also not forget to cover ads on Facebook, LinkedIn & Snapchat, they have a very large market share in the region, we will learn how to create our digital ads on each.

This is your gateway to a strong entry into the world of e-marketing. The content is the result of practical experience and the management of advertising campaigns in the tens of millions of dollars. Today we offer you a full free course in your hands, register now.

What You Will Learn

  • Digital Marketing fundamentals and how major websites use it
  • How digital marketing has changed and evolved from traditional marketing
  • Glossary of most used terms in digital marketing
  • Learn how to manage paid campaigns on Google services (Google, YouTube, Apps, Gmail)
  • Learn how to manage paid campaigns on social media sites
  • Best practices for detailed targeting in successful paid media campaigns

How to Apply:

To start the learning journey, you must create an account on the platform and then activate it by following the following steps:

1- Create your own account on the site by filling in all the required fields on the registration page and clicking on the Create your account button.

2- Activate your account by checking the e-mail provided on the registration page and clicking on the activation link that you will find in a message under the name “Activate your Edraak account”.

Note: If you don’t find the message in your inbox, check your spam/junk or junk mail.

By completing the above mentioned steps, you will be able to register for any of Edraak’s courses.


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