Design course, using Photoshop programs, Arabic explanation

Learn to use the Photoshop program to modify and design images, an Arabic explanation of the course with a practical application.

Certified certificate after studying the training course.

Perhaps you may have a desire to learn to design and modify images. Of course, the best way to do that is the Photoshop program, but you do not know where to start your first steps towards professionalism in Photoshop. When you complete reading this topic, you will find your way to learning and then trying to become professional. Photoshop, because reaching a goal must be determined.

To learn Photoshop from scratch, the question arises … are you going to use Photoshop for? Graphics (Graphic) Advertising? Print and publish? Web design? Logos design? Giving photos a great touch (Retouching)?

The answer to this question. Just because someone has learned the program, Photoshop can seem overwhelming, so you start out with controllable things.There is so much to learn, even advanced users (professionals) choose every day new things to learn.

The best way, in my opinion, to know what you want to learn is:

  1. – Familiarize yourself with the basic tools, and of course you will need a course or course to learn the basics, and here come some basic courses and lessons.
  2. – Find someone in your field of interest to help create a course Work, then look for lessons that address specific specific needs, and here are some sites that offer lessons in various fields in Photoshop: This is only a point of the sea for the accessories and you will understand what after you follow the lessons.

And some advice that I want to share with you is that you define the goal of learning Photoshop, and this is the first way to succeed in it, and you should also start by learning the latest version of Photoshop. There is no need to waste time and learn the older versions in addition to applying each lesson to gain news and use pre-designed things Amendment to it and see how it was designed.

List of lessons

  • Photoshop Course l Introduction
  • Photoshop Course l color systems & image type
  • Vector VS Raster
  • Photoshop Course l Resolution & 8 Bit or 16 Bit or 32 Bit
  • Photoshop Course l Interface & Layers
  • Photoshop Course l Rectangle Tool
  • Photoshop Course l Align & Rectangle Tool
  • Photoshop Course l Task 1 Solution
  • Photoshop Course l Layers Opacity, Fill and Style
  • Photoshop Course l Typing
  • Photoshop Course l Typing Problems
  • Photoshop Course l Brush & Eraser Tool
  • Photoshop Course l Eye dropper, Crop & Gradient Tool
  • Photoshop Course l Pen tool
  • Photoshop Course l Pen tool Exercise
  • Photoshop Course l Selection
  • Photoshop Course l Masking
  • Photoshop Course l Adjustment Layer & Texture – Manipulation Tutorial
  • Photoshop Course l Retouch Tutorial
  • Nik Collection & Portraiture -Plugins
  • Design business card in Photoshop
  • What is Mockup in

After completing the course, the learner receives a certified certificate from Maarif

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